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Urban rebellions – Denim jacket OutfitMix

Urban rebellions – Denim jacket OutfitMix

Urban rebellions - Denim jacket OutfitMix

Denim jackets are most versatile lightweight jacket which can be worn with chinos, slacks, cameos, joggers and even denim jeans. These jackets come in huge range of colours and washes you just need to find ones that suit you and your body type. One thing to make sure while pairing jeans with the denim jacket is that the colour contrasts between the two piece.

Bleached indigo cotton-blend denim shirt jacket

The first OutfitMix features a cool classic blue denim jacket with contrasting darker shaded jeans and a white graphic inner layer tee lastly the Chelsea boot gives a dressy vibe along with a matching sunglass.

DSQUARED2 creased denim jacket

OutfitMix 2 has a general dark-themed look all over with a black jacket with visible stitching details along with button cuffs and a straight hem and Grey cotton-blend skinny jeans for having contrast with the jacket and a navy henley that coordinates well with black and finishing it off with a black sneaker to match the top.

White cotton ‘Gosha Rubchinskiy x Levi’s’ denim jacket

It features an amazing snow white denim jacket with a cool graphic blue tee as an inner layer which shines through the outfit with this combination already making the outfit bit playful the casual cargo pants make it more amazing and the white sneakers complete the look.

PORTS 1961 star denim bomber jacket

This OutfitMix features a bomber styled denim jacket with a  Medusa contrast embroidery T-shirt, and the Black skinny trousers are perfect to complete the look if jeans aren’t something you want to go for.Lastly, the watch and sneakers have slightly varying yet similar colour pallet.

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