Vetements is Selling £680 Teddy Bear Slippers
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Vetements is Selling £680 Teddy Bear Slippers

Vetements is known for its meme-worthy designs, from flatform crocs to Ikea lookalike bags, and the brand is set for more viral success with its latest launch – teddybear slippers.

There’s this old sitcom trope where one walks to the corner store mid-afternoon in a pair of teddy bear slippers if they have given up on life. But would that still apply if the plushie slippers cost nearly a thousand dollars?

Vetements Hug Me Bear slippers are basically wearable teddy bears for your feet, but they cost a whopping $990. This is lounging at its most luxurious.

Vetements is known for its satirical take on fashion staples, and the French fashion label has been known to design more than one tongue-in-cheek item. But the teddy bear slippers with their exorbitant price tag might be the quirkiest.

Mimicking the plushie slippers that were popular in the ’90s, they mimic the childhood mules that were popular holiday presents and took on the shape of everything from teddy bears to flamingos.

The slip-on ‘shoes’ are made of cotton, alpaca, and mohair, and even come with adjustable velcro straps which allow you to move the teddy’s arms and legs into whatever position you want. Handily, the style can also double up as an emotional support cuddly during fashion week, too. As long as it doesn’t rain, that is.

The Beige Teddy Bear Slippers feature a resin bear around the toe and have been constructed from wool and mohair material. In a similar fashion, the backpack opts for a full faux-fur bear, utilizing canvas panel detailing on the rear for the bag portion, rounding off the piece with adjustable padded webbing shoulder straps.

The slippers are part of the current wave of meme-worthy fashion – outlandish, exaggerated styles that lend themselves well to Instagram. Such designs reportedly inspire a spike in public searches and consequent sales.

This isn’t the first bear-related piece that Vetements has released this summer. The label has also released a line of teddy bear backpacks, featuring big bear plushies that limply hang off the front of commuter backpacks.

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Part of a surprise drop for the upcoming fall season, the backpack is made out of the same materials as the slippers: cotton, alpaca and mohair. The backpack clocks in at a steep $1,479.27 on Net-a-Porter and is already sold out.

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