What To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Hats
What To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Hats

What To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Hats

ll of your friends always have their best fashion foot forward. Whenever they get the chance, they would wear a fashion piece and make it their own statement. This accentuated their looks and in your eyes, having a fashion piece does help. Because you want to follow their lead, you’re thinking of buying men’s dress hats and use it as your own. You think hats will be an easy addition to any outfit – it’s very comfy to wear and doesn’t hide anything that you’re wearing. To make sure that these hats will bring out the best in you, consider these tips when buying:

1) Choose the suitable shape

When you’re shopping for jeans, you’re very keen on the silhouette it can give you. As much as possible, you want these jeans to highlight or hide certain parts of your lower body. The same principle also works when looking for men’s dress hats.

The shape of your face should help determine –

which type of men’s dress hat is appropriate for you.

For instance, if you have a round-shaped face with a wider forehead, pick a hat with a wider brim. Fedoras, Pork Pie, and flat top hats can be excellent options for you. When choosing a dress hat, contrasting symmetry with a-symmetry can work well.

⦁ Hats with pinched crowns and moderate brims can look good on you if your face is diamond-shaped. You should look for Jackson hats and snap-brim fedoras for your collection.

⦁ When you have a square face, most probably, you also have wider cheekbones and forehead. This kind of face shape will work well with hats which are curvier and floppier.

2) Know your size

It’s common practice to immediately buy a hat off the rack without even considering the size. If you want to end up with the best hat for you, don’t commit the same mistake. Before heading out to buy a new hat, measure your head’s circumference using a tape measure first. If you don’t have any tape measure, use a string, run it around your head and measure the string’s length. You can always take measurements a couple of times so you can have the most precise measurement. If you have a friend to help you out during this process, the better.

3) Consider the style

The style of your hat can make or break your fashion statement. If you’re going out to a formal dinner with friends and use a rugged ball cap hat, all of your attempts to look good will be worthless. Your hat should always compliment the occasion where you’re going to use it. The points listed below can be helpful when picking out a hat style:

⦁ When you’re heading out to a beach or garden party with friends, a straw fedora hat will be appropriate for the occasion. The materials of the hat are lightweight, making it easier for you to move around while creating that laid back and relaxed persona.

⦁ A cap would the best choice if you’re going to watch a sports game. This can go well with any outfit in your closet. And if you’re planning to watch the game in an open field, the visor from the cap can protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays.

⦁ Regardless of what occasion you’re planning to wear a hat, make sure that your hat also goes well with your outfit. Everything that you’re wearing should complement each other, and not clash. A clean and cohesive look should be what you’re after when dressing up.

4) Choose the right color

The color of the hat is just as important as the style. When deciding which color to pick, you can either follow the latest trends or base it on your complexion. Consider the points below as your guide:

⦁ If you have fair or pale skin, you can wear hats with have darker colors like bottle green and bolder shades of blue. Grey, burgundy and brown can also be included in your list.

⦁ If you have olive or medium skin, look for hats which are a little darker or brighter than the middle ground. For example, instead of choosing warm sand, opt for pale beige. This is an excellent choice for neutrals which doesn’t contrast your skin tone. If you’re leaning towards purple shades, choose magenta over mauve.

⦁ When you have a darker skin, you can have more options to pick from. Since your skin doesn’t have the risk of being washed out when you wear specific colors (unlike other skin colors), you can wear a majority of hues and shades. However, avoid wearing brown hats as these can look too “monochromatic” to your skin.

Hats Are Here To Stay

The fashion industry is fast-paced and unpredictable. What everyone is wearing right now can become outdated in a month’s time, and the fashion trends of the 90’s can soon make a comeback on the runway. It’s difficult to invest in a fashion piece and later on realize that what you’re wearing is no longer “in.” However, hats have been used by many people for decades, and it’s safe to assume that this piece will still be present in the future. You can use hats to stand out from the crowd – just make sure that you’re following the tips from this article so you can wear the perfect hat!

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