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5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Maldives Holiday

5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Maldives Holiday

5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Maldives Holiday

Much-loved around the world for its picturesque landscapes, the Maldives is a dream holiday spot for many. With a warm and exotic culture, luxury resorts, fantastic cuisine, and consistent perfect weather, it is no surprise that people continue to flock there.

Here are five reasons why you deserve a Maldives holiday at least once in your life.

The Views

Boasting panoramic views of turquoise blue water right outside your door,
the best hotels in the Maldives come equipped with scenes unlike any you have ever witnessed before.


There is a reason that so many people dream of vacationing in the Maldives. It is incredibly scenic, comfortable and serene. Nowhere else in the world understands the importance of tranquillity and luxury, and you are guaranteed to have a beach holiday unlike any you have previously experienced.

The Marine Life


Surprisingly, you can’t see all the wonders of the Maldives at first glance from your resort window. Underneath those stunning blue waters are some of the most lively sea life in the world. Make sure you stay at a luxury resort that has a personal reef available for snorkelling, a fantastic activity for the whole family.

Additionally, if you are interested in diving, the Maldives is home to sites such as Fish Head and Banana Reef which are touted as world-class diving destinations.

The Activities

There is no way you will ever get bored of seeing the views from your windows, but if you are looking to do something special during your trip, the Maldives can provide that. As well as snorkelling and diving, on the islands of the Maldives, you can opt to have a private picnic on a sandbank or an underwater spa date.

You can spend an evening on a traditional dhoni sunset cruise, partying it up on Finolhu, or dancing along to the Boduberu (a traditional Maldivian performance).

There are plenty of options with which you can fill your days and nights.

Maldives Holiday Activities

The Food

Maldives  Food

No matter where in the world you choose to go on holiday, you want to know what cuisine you should expect. Luckily, for you, the Maldives has everything from relaxed dining to expensive gourmet spreads with a whole range of diversity of global cuisines.

Generally, the luxury resorts’ offerings comprise global fare extending from the exquisite tastes of Italian food to gourmet arrangements of especially fresh seafood.

If you are looking for a more authentic Maldivian experience, then you want to head to a more local venue. These traditional eateries offer dishes primarily based on fish prepared with spices and coconut. Definitely, try the Maldivian curry, a richer variant of a Singapore curry.

Having the opportunity to savor the distinctive flavors of the Maldives is a necessary component of your island experience and a once-in-a-lifetime cuisine adventure.

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The Weather

Maldives weather

Almost all year long, the Maldives have fabulous tropical temperatures that range from 24 to 35 degrees. From November to April, short rainfalls are frequent, but they don’t last.

This means that no matter when you decide to book your trip, you are almost guaranteed to have a postcard-perfect time. The unbeatable weather paired with sparkling blue waters that touch the remote reaches of immaculate white sand makes the islands of the Maldives seem almost impossibly pure.

You deserve to experience a tranquil retreat from the challenging realities of the outside world — and the Maldives can provide that.

Visiting Notes

If you do decide to visit the Maldives, then keep in mind that it is a Muslim country with particular laws and customs. In the capital, Malé, these laws are taken very seriously, and it isn’t necessarily the most tourist-friendly locale. Instead, you can spend your holiday on the surrounding islands where these strict laws are more relaxed as they cater to tourists. For example, you can dress far more liberally at the beach resorts than you can in Malé.

Additionally, ensure you arrive in the Maldives with some USD on hand, as it is the default foreign currency accepted, as well as the local rufiyaa.

So, are you convinced yet? Go ahead and book yourself an experience of a lifetime. After all, everyone deserves to visit the Maldives at least once in their lifetime.


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